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Shibuya Crossing

When I first read about Shibuya Crossing I really couldn’t imagine how it would be to take a walk across the famous intersection outside Shibuya Station. It is unbelievable when you come there and have a look at the crowd of shoppers, commuters, young and older people. It is really fascinating when all the lights turn red at this busy junction at the same time in every direction. Traffic stops completely and the street is full of pedestrians. Really amazing!


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200 Followers… that’s awesome!


Dear all,

I’m so happy and proud that you like my blog.
It’s awesome how many people are stopping by, following, commenting, having fun and supporting me.


It’s my pleasure to share my photographs and thoughts with all of you.

Sakura blossoms & birds

Recently I was in Japan and it was absolutely stunning!

I love Tokyo, the city of contrasts with skyscrapers and tiny wooden houses, shopping malls and small artisan family businesses, modern clothing and traditional yukatas and kimonos… amazing! And – not to forget – the sakura blossoms were in full bloom! Full bloom! I’ve never seen so many different pinks, I swear! I don’t know how many pictures I took but I think there are about 1000 or so – and I have to check them all (; So it will take quite some time but in the next few days – or maybe weeks – I will post some of the photos I made.

Here are some photos from Ueno Park. Have fun and enjoy!

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Inspire me



In Singapore there is one place for having brunch or dinner with your loved ones in such a nice and cosy environment with fabulous food, bamboos and a wonderful urban garden I really have to write about… ARTICHOKE Cafe & Bar.

I simply love it!

The food is fresh and tasty, my favorite is the Smoked Salmon Pancake with Jim Beam sour cream and wasabi pea dukka – the different textures pop in your mouth – it’s a perfect start in the new day (;. The fries are just wow! – and everything else on the menu, too. Today we tasted the Baklava Ice Cream Sandwich – awesome!!!

And because I’m such a fan my husband made me a gift – the new ARTICHOKE cookbook … and I got it signed! (;

So… if you’re in Singapore… don’t miss ARTICHOKE!



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #6

022714 Odd Ball

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