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Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach


Byron Bay

Byron Bay


Mann River

Mann River


Sunshine @ Port Macquarie

Sunshine @ Port Macquarie



Inspire me



Boats sail on the rivers,
And ships sail on the seas;
But clouds that sail across the sky
Are prettier far than these.
There are bridges on the rivers,
As pretty as you please;
But the bow that bridges heaven,
And overtops the trees,
And builds a road from earth to sky,
Is prettier far than these.

{{Christina Georgina Rossetti}}

When I was in Australia we took a walk along Shelly Beach. It was a breezy, quite cold day but the sun was shining and from time to time it felt like it was raining – just a bit.  I was amazed by the colors of the sea, the sky and the beach… and there it was… a rainbow. Just one – and then I saw two and at the end of the day I’ve seen four of the most beautiful rainbows ever.
I want to share the pictures with you, I shot those with my IPhone because I didn’t bring my camera with me – but believe me… the pics are no comparison to the wow-factor I experienced when I was walking along the beach.

One Word Photo Challenge: Blizzard

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IMG_2032 IMG_2222 DSC02545

Travel theme: Move

I enjoyed taking photographs @ Shelly Beach, Australia, and I think there’s some movement going on. Enjoy!

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First impressions Down Under

This holiday had some surprises for me, one of them was the journey to Australia because it was not planned… just very spontaneous. I love the land, the vastness, the lush greenery, the vineyards, the mountains, the rivers and creeks, the beaches and the sea. And the people are friendly and helpful and I had a lot of fun. Simply amazing! Here are some photos I made as first impressions. Enjoy! (:


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Soft Pastels

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Phuket was such a lovely place that I must share some pictures I took there.
You can see Nai Yang Beach with the Casuarina trees and small domestic altars. It was such a tranquil and calm atmosphere there. Old Town Phuket with its temples, statues, signs and old shophouses was a wonderful place for taking photographs. Colorful, lively, interesting and stirring. I really enjoyed my time there. Have a look and enjoy, too!

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