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picture writing challenge #19

This weeks picture is:

 photo bridge_zps85a89e14.jpg


colorful embedded
tangled inside out
towered over the waters floods
alone and almighty.

hopeful strained
torn into two
rolling between me and you
strong and gorgeous.



DSC07022{{Lotus flower and pod, Penang/ Malaysia}}


gefühle fühlen und sich spüren

gehen lassen und nicht wissend wohin

abgewrungen ein paar minuten

der zeit fluss und nicht überfluss entwunden.


aufholend holen und atmen

vergessen können und doch nicht wollen

vergangenheitsangst angebrochen und aufgekehrt

der zeit fluss und überfluss nicht entwunden.

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Feel


 Think for yourself and feel the walls become sand beneath your feet.
 {{ Queensrÿche (Band) }}


More pictures and quotes see @ Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

I’m always inspired by my surroundings and my thoughts about it… the people around me, feelings, buildings, flowers and other plants, the weather, a TV-programme, books, scents and colors. So I try to catch all these impressions with my (cellphone-)camera or let my thoughts spin around and write about it.

A moment caught in a picture or wrapped in words and sharing it – that’s why I blog.


Inspired by the last writing challenge using an Instagram picture as source of inspiration I’ll follow this once more.
Enjoy the journey of thoughts enhanced by pictures!


A name is a name anywhere and there to find yourself in a world outside.


Rain is not only water dropping on your head it’s refreshing, too.


Not everything is colorful and bright in your life but you are the only one who can make things colorful and bright again.


The daughters of the Sea sing and play and have fun. You’re one of them, too. Take that chance! Change!


The wishing well may be empty but that’s the best thing ever happened… no wish is open, everyone is satisfied and happy!


Times can get dirty and rough so can dish but food cooked with love can lighten everything.


Purple up your thoughts and the sun will shine in yourself!


I love sunset because I know the next day there’ll be a new sunrise again.

Weekly Writing Challenge: In An Instagram



just one moment, only one

like a river to flow

like a cloud to hide

not a blink of an eye

just a butterfly’s flap

and you know that you have to leave.

just one moment, only one

like a house to protect

like a sunray to warm

not a blink of an eye

just a step of an ant

and your life changes forever.

just one moment, only one

like a color so bright

like glass so shiny

not a blink of an eye

just a breeze in the air

and you start anew.

just one moment, only one

like a boat to steer

like a window to open

not a blink of an eye

just a laugh of a child

you are happy again.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words


Photo Credit: WordPress — A PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS

Day of mourning

grief and mourning, the bricks close behind
the walls right in front
and nothing, nothing to lose
because you lost it all.

the loss of the smile, the bricks close behind
the walls right in front
and everything, everything is fading away
in the mist inside your heart.

the children’s loneliness, the bricks close behind
the walls right in front
and nobody, nobody to hold
and show you a brighter way.

a broken family, the bricks close behind,
the walls right in front
and somewhere over the rainbow
all laughter vanishes forever.


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